BEST ENSTA Paristech

BEST ENSTA Paristech

Our events

Throughout the year we organise different types of events in order to achieve BEST’s mission « Developing students ». We create bonds between students, universities and companies. To do so, we wish to offer to ENSTA ParisTech’s students quality company events like the Consulting Meeting, in October.

EBEC – An engineering competition

As a member of the European network BEST, we offer to ENSTA ParisTech’s students the possibility to go to the European BEST Engineering Competition. It is an engineering competition where students coming from all around Europe confront each other on high-level technical problems. To do so, we organise each year a local round. Since 2016, companies are taking part to the event in order to propose a much more complete event!


A BEST Course in ENSTA ParisTech

BEST is also about academic and cultural exchange. That’s why we organise each year a one-week-long course during which around 20 European students attend classes about a precise topic.
The last one is Spring Course QUEST (Questions and Uses of Energy Storage Today). It dealt with energy storage.
You too can live such an unforgettable experience. Have a look at the "courses" section !


International events

In addition to these recurrent events, we also have to take part in the organisation of some internal BEST events. These events ensures the network works properly. Among these internal events, there is for example Regional Meetings where many members of BEST meet in order to share and work together. Finally, in 2017, we also organised the French national round of EBEC.